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case AT CS-108D 230W

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 Form Factor:  MiniTower, AT 

 Power Supply Unit: 
 variants of a complete set 
 Power Master 230W AP-1 
 arrangement: horizontal 

 Number of 5,25" bays:  2 external 
 Number of 3,5" bays:  2 external 
 1 internal 
 Mounting places:  slots: 8 
 additional fans: 1 x 8 cm 
 Front panel buttons:  Power, Reset 
 Front panel leds:  Power, IDE 

 Dimensions (W x H x D):  182 x 333 x 414 mm 

 Environment:  more info... 


 Package dimension (W x H x D):  240 x 435 x 440 mm