Please pay attention that mentioned on this page
company "Microtech" has not existed for 10 years!
Accordingly, all of the following information of long ago is not relevant.


Strategic leadership of Microtech Group in manufacturing and distribution of computer components.


Head office in Switzerland and our branch offices in the Netherlands, Russia, Hong Kong and in Ukraine in order for us to compete successfully with other companies. Our factories located in Russia and South-Eastern Asia enable us to make high-tech products.


Established in Switzerland since 1996 and belongs to Microtech Group, which is active in manufacturing and distribution of PC components. The strategic location in the center of Europe together with the logistics service from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Hong Kong have allowed us to become hardware specialists on a European scale, supplying a wide range of computer-related products. Competitive advantage of Microtech Group is based on the effectiveness of our delivery systems and quality control, as well as on the high level of manufacturing and R&D support of the Group. Our policy is to offer highly competitive prices to European computer resellers and retailers with no concessions made in terms of quality and reliability.